In my family, there is really only one Salad.  Yes, with a capital “S”.   Certainly we eat other salads, but none of them would resemble anything an American would recognize.  None of our salads have lettuce.

1 small onion
2-3 medium tomatoes
Salt, to taste

Cut the onion into thin half-moons. If you want to reduce the bite of the onion, soak it in cold, salty water for a little while (in my case, as long as it takes me to cut the tomatoes).

Onions in stalted water
Cut the tomatoes in half and cut out the woody stem. Cut the tomato halves into somewhat thin slices. Sprinkle with salt, to taste.

Completed Salad

There are many variations on this salad. Some add cucumbers, or dill, or dress it with olive oil, or sour cream or a combination of those.



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