Birthday Celebration

Birthday Celebration

Birthday Celebration

I know that it looks like I haven’t cooked anything in months.  And it’s almost true.  I have cooked things I already wrote about and have a few more recipes I haven’t posted.  But let me start with the birthday celebration which was in early March.

I made two roasted chickens, just to be sure I had enough. But one was enough. Everyone seemed to love it. I hope they weren’t just polite but actually liked it.

I also made:

Additionally, I bought a lot of marinated things such as marinated tomatoes, mushrooms, and pattisons (baby squash of some kind).


2 responses to “Birthday Celebration

  1. Yum. Looks like a great birthday feast to me!

    Nothing wrong with TOO much roasted chicken, in my book! You can always shred it for sandwiches or enchiladas… or throw it in the freezer for later.

    Love the marinated mushroom idea! Will have to try that at our next gathering.

    • Thanks! I actually have another recipe to post where this roasted chicken was the main ingredient. And not one mushroom survived the party. They really were a hit. 🙂

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