Restaurant Review: La Dolce Vita

Interior of La Dolce Vita

Interior of La Dolce Vita

On our last “Girls Day Out” we were short one girl. It was her husband’s birthday and a good enough reason not to hang out with the girls. But she was definitely missed. We went to the Museum After Dark event, but before that, we checked out a restaurant.

The restaurant we tried out is La Dolce Vita. This is a small, cute, charming restaurant that served us delicious food.  The service was prompt, the server was courteous, and the bathroom was clean.  When added to yummy food, you have a winning combination.  I am definitely looking forward to returning and trying other things on the menu.


Appetizer - Zaalo

We shared an appetizer of Zaalo which is an eggplant dish. We both happen to love eggplant, and I detected a hint of cumin.
Then for dinner, my friend had Salad Nicoise and I had the Merguez Panini. The french fries threw me off since I don’t think of them as Mediterranean, but the sandwich was lip-smackingly delicious. It was great even the next day. C’mon, you don’t really think I could eat the whole sandwich in one sitting? It was definitely tempting, but way too much food. Which makes it a great bargain.

**UPDATE:  I forgot to mention in my original post that the first time I ate the sandwich, I ended up looking for the restroom the rest of the evening.  I don’t know if it had anything to do with the food itself, since the other half of the sandwich didn’t give me any trouble the next day, unlike the first half of the sandwich.  Just thought I’d mention it, in case you will not have the opportunity to be near a bathroom or have a weak stomach for new things.



Salad Nicose

Salad Nicose


2 responses to “Restaurant Review: La Dolce Vita

  1. Love the fact that you visited La Dolce Vita. I’ve seen it and wondered if it was worth a stop in. Did business look hopping?

    • Hi Lo,
      Actually, there were a couple people there. The place is rather tiny, smaller than Oakland Gyros if you’re familiar with that. There’s only 1 booth, and the rest are tables, maybe 5-7 tables. Their website is terrible though, has many errors (like their hours of operation).

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