Grassway Organics Farm

Kay and Wayne Craig

Kay and Wayne Craig

Living in the city, we often forget where food comes from.  Yes, it comes from the store, but where does it come from before the store?  We all know that milk comes from cows and eggs come from chickens, but when was the last time you actually saw that chicken lay an egg?  Put on your comfy shoes and head to a farm to help you remember and to see the farm animals many of us see only on TV or in pictures. So on a recent weekend, I (and some friends) made the trip to Grassway Organics in New Holstein, WI.

Calf looks like a deer to me

Calf looks like a deer to me

There we were met by Kay and Wayne Craig who were the most gracious hosts.  Kay told us some pretty interesting information about the farm and how they got into farming and Wayne showed us around.  So with cameras in hand, we set off to take the tour of the farm.
We walked to see the calves that are absolutely adorable and look a little bit like deer.  Then Wayne showed us the calves that were already weaned.

Chickens and Eggs

Chickens and Eggs

After that, we walked across the road to the field where the chickens were.  Boy were they loud!  Lots of clucking and noise-making by the roosters and chickens.  The chickens run around to their heart’s content, plucking away at the grass and the feed that they’re fed a few times a day. Wayne lifted the side of the cart where the chickens hang out and the chickens that were inside laying eggs protested the intrusion quite loudly.  But we got to see the eggs right there. Of course, I couldn’t pass up eggs from free-range chickens so I picked up a dozen at their store. My family and I found the eggs to be quite tasty, even my dad commented on how much he liked them.

Cows at Grassway Organics

Cows at Grassway Organics

Then, Wayne took us to see the cows that were grazing in a different part of the farm. He said that the cows are milked twice a day (6 AM and 4:30 PM, if I remember correctly). The cows are also moved to different pasture land every 12 hours or so, ensuring plenty of grass for them.

We also so the place where the cows are milked. It looks so clean, like it’s never been used. Gives me reassurance, since Grassway Organics contributes milk to Organic Valley (a brand of milk I often purchase).


So cute! Chicks

In addition to all that, Wayne showed us the cutest goslings and chicks ever. They’re so cute. Definitely brings back memories of growing up with chicks and chickens, even though I’ve always lived in the city. Hmmm…. I wish I could raise chickens where I live now, but I think the condo association would have something to say about it…

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2 responses to “Grassway Organics Farm

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. Was this a one-day activity or a weekend-long activity?

    • It was a lot of fun. It actually didn’t take all day even, just a few hours, most of which were spent driving. We live about an hour to an hour and a half away. But the actual time spent on the farm was less than 2 hours, I’d guess. It was a perfect day for a drive.

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