Happy New Year

Table at New Years
Happy New Year Everyone!
I hope you had a wonderful and safe holiday season. This year my family and I decided to go out instead of celebrating at home, though as usual, we were together. In the image you can see the typical blintz (not rolled, but folded) with caviar on top, stuffed shrimp, pickled things (tomatoes, pickles, and cabbage), cold cuts (beef tongue, and some sort of other meat), seafood salad, and of course alcohol. These were just the appetizers. For the “main course”, of which there were two, there was lamb and then Chicken Kiev. I should say that the lamb was decent, but we prefer it the way we make it ourselves. We like our spices (cumin and coriander) and we also get really fresh lamb from the same vendor we’ve been going to for the last 20 years.

I must mention the pickled tomatoes. Absolutely fantastically good. Considering it’s my favorite food, I was very pleased at how good they were and I ate quite a few.

As with any typical celebration, there was plenty of food, live entertainment, dancing, and alcohol. Though, the only drunk people we say were Americans who “crashed” the party (they came in from the bar across the ballroom).

If you’d like to see how this holiday is frequently celebrated, please check out this post by another local blogger.


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