Welcome to my recipe box. This is just my space to collect and share some of my favorite recipes. I’m always on the hunt for new, healthy, and easy recipes. I also try a lot of different recipes from TV, books, and friends. So if you have a favorite recipe you’d like to share, I’d love to try it. I love cooking all different types of food, including Italian, Russian, uncategorizable, but I think I enjoy Uzbek food the most. It’s what I grew up with and don’t get a chance to get it here too often. No restaurants where I live that have that cuisine.

Hope you like what you find.
P.S. There are few things you’ll never find on this blog; namely, celery and pork. I just never acquired the taste for celery. Don’t like how it smells or tastes. With regard to pork, I’m allergic. Yes, I know it’s wierd.


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  1. Anna, your recipes look great. I am on a journey of living a healthy lifestyle. I work on recipes that are good for me and will please some of my picky eaters! Come see me. I will be back to see what your cooking.

  2. Hi Anna

    Found you blog on Burp 🙂 in the WI bloggers post. I am in Twin Lakes WI, nice to meet you!

    • Hi!
      Glad you found my blog. I checked out your and the food looks absolutely delicious! Will definitely have to try one of your recipes. 🙂

  3. Hi!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I love your Uzbek recipes, it has reminded me of things I haven’t had in a while and will definitely have to try them out.

    • Hi!
      I’m glad you like the recipes. I love Uzbek food and wish there were a restaurant in the area. Let me know how the recipes turn out when you make them. 🙂

  4. Hi Anna,

    Too bad we’re so far away, because we share your passion for Uzbek food. Even our kitchen staff is Uzbek (we had to convince them that our “plov” didn’t need lamb fat, as our shashlik had lots of it).

    We’re having so much fun at our little roadside stand, a huge attraction for the multi-culti folks living in the Boston area. Our favorite question while grilling shashlik to order, “where were your grandparents born?” Lots of love and nostalgia and food stories follow …

    Alas, we are not permitted to serve piva (beer). It’s like the beach without the ocean, still wonderful, but not wet.

    – Ed

    p.s. we call our awe-inspiring jerk chicken, cut up and cooked shashlik-style, the world’s first “Jamaican-Uzbek fusion Q.”

    p.p.s. we spell it “shashleek” on our website to help newbies with the pronunciation, and ‘cuz it forces the speaker to smile as they pronounce it. Try it, you can’t help but smile.

    • Ed,
      Thank you so much for your comment. Were you successful at convincing your staff to skip the lamb fat for plov? Did you get the cast-iron pot for plov in the U.S.? If you did, could you please share the location? This has been my family’s quest for a few years now since we can’t find one locally.

      Wow, Jamaican-Uzbek fusion. That has to be incredible. And yeah, your pronunciation of shashlik is Uzbek (it really does sound a little different from the Russian). In Russian, the “ee” sound is harsher (an altogether different letter), but I like that the Uzbek version makes people smile. Your comment certainly put a smile on my face.


  5. Anna,

    Thanks for the website, it is wonderful to have photos that show how things are made!

    I have a question for you – I am seeking a recipe for an eggplant salad, but the eggplant is baked, not fried. We had this dish at an Uzbek restaurant in Phoenix, and I should have asked the owner then…let me know if you have heard of anything like this?

  6. My wife made your Shurpa soup tonight. It was amazing.

    There is an amazing Uzbek/Bukharian restaurant in Queens, NY (called Fortuna). The food is outstanding and your recipe was very very similar to theirs. I real treat.

    Thanks so much!

    • Thanks! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. This is one of my favorite soups and I’m happy to share it. I wish we had an Uzbek restaurant anywhere near where I live, but the closest one is about 2-2.5 hours away. 😦

  7. Hello!

    I am a small business owner from the Appleton Area and came across your blog. I am co-owner of TAYGA Cooking Aprons. We strive to create beautiful feminine aprons for the women and children who love to cook. We would love to give your readers a 20% off coupon code. Please view my site and let me know if you are interested! http://www.taygaaprons.com Our aprons are worn by Amy Hanten on Living with Amy on FOX11 if you are at all familiar with that show.

  8. Hello Chaihana owners !
    very nice and very helpful website (i just googled lagman and found you). Thank you so much for recipes and pictures.
    I am pregnant right now and i was craving for lagman so long (dreamt about it at nights) :o)

    I wonder, where are you located in US or Canada? If we happen to be there we could visit you and enjoy the most delicious meals you have.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Asem,
      I’m glad you like the recipes and the posts about Chainaha. However, I’m not the owner. Just someone who really, really likes Uzbek food. This restaurant is located in a suburb of Chicago called Buffalo Grove. The address is 19 West Dundee Road Buffalo Grove, IL and their phone number is: 847-215-5044. (I write some restaurant reviews, but the recipes that are not associated with a restaurant, those are mine, unless otherwise stated.)

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